Articles of Association of the Zuoz Club

Version 2018

I. Place and purpose

The Zuoz Club, hereinafter called  'Club', is an Association in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code, articles 60 ff, based in Zuoz and whose members comprise former students and teachers of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, hereinafter called 'Lyceum’. All gender-specific terms in this document shall refer to the opposite sex as well.

Art. 2
The purpose of the Club consists of:
a) promoting the network of alumni of the Lyceum for personal, professional and social purposes;
b) maintaining a lasting contact with the Lyceum with the aim of furthering its goals and reputation.

Art. 3
The aims listed in Article 2 shall be achieved by the following means:
a) periodic meetings of the Club members;
b) sporting and other events bringing together alumni and current students of the Lyceum;
c) the formation of Regional Groups;
d) publication of two official media, the 'Zuoz Zeitung' and the website of the Zuoz Club;
e) keeping a central address list of all Club members. This list is intellectual property of the Zuoz Club and is strictly reserved for the Club’s own purposes.

II. Membership

Art. 4
a) Each former student of the Lyceum who has graduated from the school will be accepted into the Club as a life-long member against the payment of a fee (see annexe A);
b) Students graduating from the Lyceum can communicate their wish not to become a member of the Club by the end of May;
c) A student leaving the Lyceum before graduation can become a member of the Club only after their classmates have achieved graduation. The Club Committee will decide on their acceptance. The rejection of an application for membership is final without any reason having to be given. 

d) Teachers can already apply for Club membership during active employment at the Lyceum after a minimum of two years’ service. They are subject to the same regulations concerning fees and application procedures as former students.
e) Persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Club or the Lyceum can be elected as Honorary Members by the General Meeting.
f) Notice of resignation has to be submitted in writing to the President by October of the current year, at the latest.
g) Members who have withdrawn or who have been excluded from the Club shall not have the right to re-imbursement of paid membership fees and to the Club’s assets.

III. Organs

Art. 5
The Organs of the Zuoz Club are the following:
a) the General Meeting
b) the Committee
c) the Executive Commission
d) the Auditors

Art. 6
a) The regular General Meeting takes place every 4 years. It is chaired by the Club President.
b) Invitations to the General Meeting are to be sent out at least 60 days before the relevant meeting, with a written agenda enclosed.
c) The Committee can summon an extraordinary General Meeting.
d) It is under an obligation to do so if a request signed by at least one tenth (1/10) of the total number of members has been received.

Art. 7
Each member can demand that a motion be included on the agenda. The said motion must be submitted in writing to the President at least 30 days before the General Meeting.

Art. 8
The General Meeting is charged with addressing the following items:
a) take note of the President’s report;
b) approval of the annual statement for the last 4 years and the Auditors’ reports;
c) setting membership fees;
d) election of the Committee;
e) election of the Auditors;
f) amendments to the Articles of Association;
g) election of Honorary Members;
h) scheduling the next regular General Meeting;
i) dissolution and liquidation of the Club.

Art. 9
a) The Members present in the General Meeting pass decisions by simple majority, except for amendments to the Articles of Association and the dissolution of the Club: such decisions require a two thirds’ majority (2/3) of the Members present.
b) Majorities in voting and elections shall be established by show of hands. Voting by secret ballot shall be conducted on the request of the President or of at least one fifth (1/5) of the Members present. In the event of a tie the chair has the casting vote. 

Art. 10
a) The Committee consists of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 Members. The ratio within the Committee should as far as possible reflect the nationalities of Club Members and the size of Regional Groups.
b) In the event of a tie within the Committee the chair has the casting vote.
c) The Committee constitutes itself. It elects the President and one (maximum two) Vice President(s) and the Treasurer from among its members.
d) The term of office is four years. 
e) The Club President, the Members of the Executive Commission and the Committee are eligible for a maximum of four terms of office. Eligibility is limited to persons under 70 years of age.
f) The number of terms of office spent on the Committee are not counted on a member being elected President, Vice President or Member of the Executive Commission.
g) Honorary Members, club officials and the Presidents of Regional Groups (who are not already Committee Members) can be invited to the Committee Meetings and have a consultative vote.
h) Board Members and Leadership Team Members of the Lyceum are to be invited to the Committee Meetings and take part with a consultative vote.

Art. 11
The Committee has the following powers:
a) take note of the President’s report;
b) take note of the annual statement and the Auditor’s report;
c) election the Executive Commission from among its midst;
d) appointment of the persons with signatory powers;
e) preparing the items on the agenda for the General Meeting;
f) adopting the budget presented by the Executive Commission;
g) issuing regulations;
h) establishing commissions;
i) deciding on motions;
j) scheduling place and time of interim meetings;
k) deciding on applications for membership or exclusion of members;
l) invitations for Committee Meetings are to be sent out at least 30 days prior to the meeting and include the agenda and any motions.

Each member of the Committee is entitled to request in writing the inclusion of a motion on the agenda of a Committee Meeting. Motions according to Art. 11, sections a) to l) must be submitted to the Club President in good time prior to a Committee meeting and must state the reasons for the aforementioned motion in such a manner that it can be brought to the attention – verbatim – to the Committee along with the invitation.

Art. 12
The Executive Commission consists of the President, the Vice President(s) and the Treasurer.
The Members of the Commission are to comprise three (3) different nationalities if possible.
Term of office is four years.
Members may be re-elected, with limitations as stated in Art. 10 d) & e).

Art. 13
The Executive Commission is the operative organ of the Club. It exclusively represents the Club in its external dealings.
Its powers extend to all issues not explicitly the reserve of the General Meeting or the Committee, as well as passing decisions on expenses not included in the budget up to a maximum total of CHF 10,000.- per year.

Art. 14
The Auditors review the annual statement of account after the end of the financial year and produce a written report.
Term of office is four years. Auditors may be re-elected.

Art. 15
The financial year is identical with the calendar year.

IV. Regional Groups

Art. 16
The Members of the Zuoz Club are entitled to organise themselves in independent Regional Groups.
The regulations issued by the Committee on the subject of the formation of Regional Groups and the present Articles of Association are also binding on the Regional Groups.

V. Final Provisions

Art. 17
The Club’s liability is restricted solely to its own assets. Any personal liability is excluded.

Art. 18
In the event of the dissolution of the Club the General Meeting shall decide on the use of the proceeds of liquidation.

Art. 19
These Articles of Association have been approved by the ordinary General Meeting on 7 July 2018. They replace all former versions.

Zuoz, 7 July 2018

The President: Dogan Taskent

Non-statutory provisions

Annex A: The fee for a life-long membership of the Zuoz Club is CHF 1,700.-. The amount is invoiced with the last school invoice. Included in this fee is a personal, non-transferable password for the Zuoz Club website and mail delivery of the Zuoz Zeitung. 

Annex B: The amount will be periodically reviewed according to Art. 8c.